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World's Fastest Firewall

As your business grows and volumes of data increase, it becomes increasingly important to make sure your security solution isn't a bottleneck, killing your productivity and profit. This is especially true for any organization that needs to protect proprietary data while still maintaining extremely low latency. Speed is of the essence, and in recent massive-scale, real-world testing, the FortiGate®-5140B achieved 500 Gbps+ of actual application traffic, making it the world's fastest firewall.

In tests conducted using BreakingPoint testing products, the FortiGate-5140B easily handled 559 Gbps of UDP traffic and 526 Gbps of real-world traffic from applications such as Facebook™, Pandora™ radio and AOL Instant Messenger™. The FortiGate-5140B performed at speeds three times faster than any competitors' published results.

Putting the performance in context, the FortiGate-5140B can inspect: The speed and power of advanced FortiASIC™ processors allows this protection without compromising network performance. Competing firewall manufacturers, on the other hand, tend to use consumer off the shelf (COTS) processors in their products. The downside to this approach is that general purpose processors cannot meet the security demands of today's high speed networks.

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Tests Using Breakpoint Firestorm Prove FortiGate-5140B to be the Worlds Fastest Firewall
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World's Fastest Firewall

Tests Using BreakingPointâ„¢ FireStorm Prove FortiGate-5140B to be the World's Fastest Firewall.


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